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5 Tricks for Shooting Photos of Toys

Toy photography has boomed in the last few years, with amateurs and professionals embracing it all over the world.

1. Prepare the Right Gear for Toy Photography

Before you start clicking away at your chosen toys, it’s really important to make sure you have the right gear on hand.


Toy photography has similar requirements to still life photography, and a tripod is always at the top of my list. You’ll also need to use a tripod if you want to try your hand at photo stacking.

Table or Raised Platform

For flexibility to take photos of toys from different angles, it’s best to have a table to work at. This will help you to get ‘eye-level’ with the toys, just like when you’re photographing humans.


Setting up the right lighting for your toy photography can take a bit of trial and error, but it’s worth the effort. Sometimes I use a lamp and/or a flash, but mostly I prefer to use diffused natural light through a window and a reflector.

2. Shoot Outdoors to Add an Element of Adventure

You might still need a small reflector (or a small square of tin foil), but you can remove any flash or artificial lighting. Explore your environment, and look at how it contributes to the background story of your toy and photograph.

Try some of my suggestions below to introduce adventure to your toys:

  • Puddles;
  • Pieces of bark or branches;
  • Leaves or grass;
  • Small gravel stones;
  • Concrete;
  • A beach;
  • Flowers and petals
  • A bus stop.

3. Try Focus Stacking Photographs for Greater Detail

Each photograph can be set at a different focal point so that when a few of them are combined, more of the image is in focus. Every photo needs to be made from the exact same position. This is where your tripod comes in handy.

Learning the techniques of focus stacking won’t only give you super sharp photographs of toys. It will also give you Photoshop skills that come in handy for several other photo projects and subjects.

4. Use Macro Photography For Creative Toy Photos

When I started with macro photography, I completely underestimated the patience I’d require to get the depth of field perfect. Fortunately, toys will tolerate you practising on them.

Enlarging your favourite toys using macro photography makes a lot of sense. This technique makes the toys appear more life-size and helps us see the toys with fresh eyes.

Doll Photography Tips

The life-like nature of dolls makes for intriguing photographs. Their facial features, hair, and clothing are easy to relate to, and they evoke all sorts of memories for us.

Search thrift stores for old dolls to restyle. Show some flair by experimenting with some paint, scissors, and costumes.

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